Ulsan Hyundai put a fourth star on its chest.

Ulsan earned a 2-0 victory over Daegu FC in the 35th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Munsu Soccer Stadium on Sept. 29 at 2 p.m. thanks to back-to-back goals from Kim Min-hyuk and Jang Si-young.

With the win, Ulsan clinched its second consecutive league title and fourth overall with 70 points, regardless of the outcome of the remaining three matches.

Speaking at the official post-match press conference, head coach Hong Myung-bo said, “I’m very happy. I’m even more happy that we were able to clinch the title in front of our home fans. Before the game, I told our players, ‘It’s a good week to stay focused. This victory belongs to our fans and players. I am not the main character. We had a lot of heartache in the second half, and hopefully we can take the rest of the season lightly,” he smiled.

Hong Myung-bo’s mercenary tricks paid off. Ulsan had the game in their favor, but they couldn’t score. In the 19th minute of the second half, Kim Min-hyuk came on for Kim Sung-joon. In the 23rd minute, Ataru’s cross was headed in by Kim Min-hyuk. In the 40th minute, Lee In-joo, Jang Si-young, and Lee Kyu-sung were shown three cards at the same time. In the 44th minute, Jang Si-young calmly headed home a cross from Lee In-jong-gyu.

“It would have been nice to score in the first half, but it’s tough. I gave the players confidence that we could score in the second half. We’ve played a lot of games like this, so we knew we could make a difference in the second half. We were lucky that the new players scored,” he smiled wryly.

They can now be called the strongest team in the K League. It’s the first time they’ve lost two in a row. “It’s always good to win,” said Hong Myung-bo. Last season, we had a goal and a responsibility to win the title after 17 years. We won the title without much difficulty,” he said, adding, “This season, we had a good start, but not a good finish. I think it was an important point for this team to grow. It could have been the old Ulsan, but in the end, we didn’t fall apart. We made decisions faster than ever. There were a lot of issues on and off the field. It was a year where I learned a lot about life.”

Ulsan surpassed 300,000 fans for the first time in its history. The fan base expanded beyond Ulsan to the entire country. It was a big boost for the team to stay on top. 토스카지노 도메인

“In good times and bad, the fans have a great influence on the players. Fans can be bitter sometimes. I told us to take those things to heart and not be lazy. We have to keep studying what they think of us. When I took over, I always emphasized that we should do our best for them.” “I’m proud that there are more and more fans in Munsu, even in the metropolitan area. It’s a bigger energy than anything in Ulsan. I am grateful to the fans,” he said.