Manager Enze Postecoglou set a new record.

Tottenham Hotspur defeated Crystal Palace 2-1 in the 10th round of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL) season at Selhurst Park in London, England, at 4 a.m. ET on Sunday. The win extends Tottenham’s unbeaten run to 10 games and keeps them at the top of the league with 26 points.

Tottenham struggled in the first half. Palace dropped their defense and didn’t allow Spurs any space. James Maddison and then, in the second half, the Spurs had shots on goal, but they were off target. Palace earned four corner kicks but were unable to capitalize. The first half ended goalless.

Tottenham made a substitution at the start of the second half. Ben Davies, who was disappointing in the first half, was replaced by Emerson Royal. Spurs took the lead. In the seventh minute of the second half, Pedro Foro found Sarr on the right flank. Sarr’s cross was deflected by the defense, then crossed back to Maddison. Maddison’s cross led to Ward’s own goal.

Tottenham added another goal. The hero was Son Heung-min. In the 66th minute, Sarr crossed the ball in from the back and Johnson headed it back to Maddison on the left flank, who cut it back to Johnson inside the penalty box. Johnson’s pass was met by Son Heung-min, who got a foot to it and rattled the net.

Some familiar faces returned to Tottenham. In the 44th minute, Maddison and Dejan Kluczewski came off and were replaced by Brian Hill and Rodrigo Bentancur. Palace pulled a goal back. In the fourth minute of stoppage time, Aubameyang found the back of the net with a powerful volley from his chest. The game ended with a 2-1 victory for Tottenham.

After the game, Postecoglou said, “I enjoy every day and I hope the players enjoy every day. Not because we are at the top, but because we are living the dream. We are playing in a fantastic team and we can do what we love. The rest is about fulfilling the responsibilities we have been given.”

“What matters to me is that we are giving our fans joy, faith and hope. That’s why soccer teams exist. We have to continue to give them pleasure.”

Postecoglou was appointed by Tottenham after the club finished eighth last season. Postecoglou led Celtic to the Domestic Treble last season. However, there were questions about his ability due to his lack of big-league experience. This summer, he brought in the likes of Madsen, van der Vaan, and Vicario, and sold Klosepski and Foro outright.

With the departure of Harry Kane and a new manager in the PL, not many expected Tottenham to lead the league. However, Spurs are off to a strong start to the season. Spurs drew with Brentford in their opening game, but then went on a winning streak. They faced Arsenal at a crucial juncture, but managed to take a point away from home and then beat Liverpool in dramatic fashion. The win kept them unbeaten and at the top of the table with 26 points. 토스카지노 도메인

Coach Postecoglou made history. Unbeaten after the opening 8