“To become a prestigious club again!”

Seongnam FC held an advisory board appointment ceremony at the Seongnam FC Clubhouse (Seongnam Football Center) located in Jeong-dong, Seongnam-si, at 2 p.m. on the 27th. Professor Kim Jung-man, Chairman Oh Sinan, and Dr. Shin Dong-eun were appointed to the advisory board, along with head coach Shin Tae-yong, who had a legendary career as a player and manager at Seongnam Ilhwa (the predecessor of Seongnam FC). Dr. Shin did not participate due to personal reasons.

Shin Sang-jin, Mayor of Seongnam and President of Seongnam FC. Mr. Shin visited the Seongnam FC clubhouse for the first time since taking office. Kim Young-ha, CEO, and Lee Se-hyung, Director of Education, Culture, and Sports, were also present. Secretary General Kim Cha-young said, “I would like to thank the owner. I hope this appointment will help Seongnam FC take another step forward as a prestigious club.”

Before the appointment ceremony, owner Shin Sang-jin said, “I came to the Football Center for the first time. As a club owner, I should have come a long time ago. I’ve been working in the market. I am grateful to Coach Shin Tae-yong, Professor Kim Jung-man, and Chairman Oh Sinan for their willingness to be advisors. I’m also grateful to Professor Cha, who was unable to attend due to personal reasons. They are four great people who have great affection for Seongnam FC. I once watched a Seongnam FC match with Shin Tae-yong, and I felt that he was very affectionate. Shin Tae-yong has a lot of affection for Seongnam FC because of its history. When we approached him, he readily accepted. It’s unfortunate that Seongnam FC is going through various twists and turns. I would like to ask for your help. As the owner, I will also take care of the advisors.”

In addition to Seongnam legend, former South Korea national team coach and current Indonesia national team coach Shin Tae-yong, Prof. Kim Jung-man, Chairman Oh Sinan and Dr. Shin Dong-eun were present. Dr. Kim is currently a professor at Sangmyung University and has served as the Director of the Business Department of the Korea Football Association, Director of the Sports Talent Development Foundation, and Director of the Korea Football Love and Sharing Foundation. Mr. Ocinan is a fluent Korean-speaking Turkmen who serves as the Chairman of JB Korea and Kerban Group, and Vice Chairman of the Korea-Turkey Economic Association. Dr. Shin is the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Bundang Cha Cha Hospital, College of Medicine.

Shin Tae-yong will be in charge of team management, Kim Jung-man will be in charge of external cooperation, Oh Sinan will be in charge of public relations and marketing, and Shin Dong-eun will be in charge of sports medicine. The role of the advisors is to obtain relevant information and discuss with each other when there is something to communicate at the club level, according to Seongnam officials. The advisors will serve for one year.

After the appointment ceremony, Shin Tae-yong briefly communicated with owner Shin Sang-jin and suggested a naming sponsor for the outside wall of the training center. Next to the Seongnam FC clubhouse is the Gyeongbu Expressway. There is a large exterior wall between the Gyeongbu Expressway and the Seongnam FC clubhouse, and he advised them that they could make a lot of money by getting corporate advertisements there. It was impressive to see that he had already started working as an advisor. 토토사이트

A short meeting was held between the advisors and owner Shin Sang-jin. Shin Sang-jin communicated with each of the advisors and talked about the direction Seongnam FC should take, while Shin Tae-yong, Professor Kim Jung-man, and others expressed their thoughts. Sharing facilities and diagnosing the current situation of Seongnam FC