Head coach Seol Ki-hyun was pleased with his players’ determination and performance.

The Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 Round 36 match between Chungbuk Cheongju FC and Gyeongnam FC kicked off at 4 p.m. on April 22 at the Cheongju General Sports Complex in Cheongju. The result was 1-1, a draw. The home team, Chungbuk Cheongju, set the tone with a goal by Lee Min-hyung in the 14th minute. The away team, Gyeongnam, managed to secure a point with a penalty kick equalizer by Mo Jae-hyun in the 45+1st minute of the second half. Gyeongnam remained in fifth place with 50 points, while Chungbuk Cheongju moved up to sixth place with 48 points.

After the game, head coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “We conceded first and had to play a psychologically difficult game. Despite the difficult situation, the players did not give up until the end. Chungbuk Cheongju’s defense was solid. Nevertheless, I am satisfied that we created chances and got a point. That’s the kind of game it is.”

Coach Seol Ki-hyun added, “I think the players did a great job. When you concede a goal, it makes the game difficult. Despite the pressure, we kept going until the end without conceding another goal. We managed to equalize. There are some things we did well and some things we didn’t. There were many disappointing moments in today’s game, but there are situations to make it better,” he said, confident that Gyeongnam will get better and better. 메이저사이트

Chungbuk Cheongju’s defense was thick. Coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “They were playing back sixes and sevens. Many teams did this against Gyeongnam and it was hard to get a result. The players got used to playing against teams that defend. They create their own chances. Compared to the difficult times, it’s better, and in the playoffs, teams will defend like this. You have to get better in these situations. Then we deserve to go to the playoffs,” he said, emphasizing that Gyeongnam needs to get more used to this situation.