The LG Twins have won their first regular season title in 29 years. Both bats were evenly matched, with Hong Chang-ki and Shin Min-jae at the top of the order.

LG had three days off. LG’s magic number was wiped out when rivals KT and NC lost to KIA and SSG, respectively. This secured LG’s first title in 29 years.

While the batting lineup was evenly matched, there were two players who were indispensable. They are Hong Chang-ki and Shin Min-jae.

Hong has established himself as a solid leadoff man under Yoon Kyung-yup. He’s certainly erased last year’s slump.

Through three days, he is batting .335 with 168 hits, one home run, 65 RBIs, a 0.448 OPS, and an 0.864 slugging percentage in 134 games. He ranks fourth in batting average, third in hits, and an impressive first in slugging percentage.

By consistently batting leadoff, he’s reawakened his slugging instincts and is getting a lot of hits. Despite being the number one hitter, he’s also a workhorse when the bases are loaded.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop praised Hong’s batting, saying, “If she continues to do this, she won’t strike out much. It’s technically good,” he said.

His eye baseball is also excellent. With 86 strikeouts, he leads the league in this category. Noh Si-hwan is second with 72. That’s a difference of 14.

With this performance, he is challenging for his first batting title.

There’s also a player who’s done the opposite this season. Shin Min-jae, a perennial pinch-hitter, has been LG’s biggest hit.

With his quick feet, he went from being a pinch hitter to being LG’s main second baseman this year. He turned his life around after meeting coach Yeom Kyung-yup. With Seo Gun-chang and Kim Min-sung struggling, Yeom gave Shin a chance and he seized it.

In 119 games, Shin is batting .275 with 76 hits, 27 RBIs, 35 doubles, 45 runs scored, and a .337 on-base percentage. It’s the most games he’s played since joining the team in 2015.

His hitting and defense have improved, and he’s playing to his strengths. He is currently first in stolen bases. He’s chasing his first career stolen base title. 메이저사이트

His ability to run the bases also gives him a lot of versatility in the postseason.

Yoon Kyung-yeop may have been disappointed in the development of his outfielders, but he can smile at the performances of Hong Chang-ki and Shin Min-jae.