San Diego gets a dramatic ‘life extension’.

The San Diego Padres had a day off on Sept. 29 without a game. After earning their first extra-inning victory of the season on Sept. 28, the Padres will host the Chicago White Sox for the final three-game series of the regular season beginning Sept. 30.

San Diego is currently walking a tightrope in the wild card race. Their chances of advancing on their own faded early.

Even if the Padres win all three of their remaining games, they’ll only have 82 wins on the season. The Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins have already passed the 82-win mark. There is no way the Padres can win more games than those teams. 스포츠토토

There are only two ways for San Diego to punch its ticket to the postseason. They can either tie the Cubs and Miami Marlins with 82 wins, creating a “three-way tiebreaker,” or four teams – the Cubs, Miami, and Cincinnati Reds – can win 82 games, creating a “four-way tiebreaker. In either case, San Diego, the team with the best three- or four-way head-to-head record, punches the third wild-card ticket.

For a tiebreaker, San Diego would have to win all three of its remaining games and the Cubs and Miami, who already have 82 wins, would have to go winless. Cincinnati, currently at 81 wins, needs one more win in its remaining three games.

Cincinnati had a day off on the 29th, as did San Diego. Instead, the Cubs and Miami played. The Cubs faced the “best” Atlanta Braves and lost 3-5.

Miami was a different story. Facing the New York Mets, the Heat were down 1-0 going into the eighth inning, but scored two runs in the top of the ninth to turn the game around. If Miami could beat the Mets for their 83rd win of the season, San Diego would be eliminated from the postseason without even playing a game.

But here’s where the rain helped San Diego. With runners on first and second in the top of the ninth inning, the game was suspended due to rain and was never resumed. The game will resume from where it left off on October 3. The rain delayed San Diego’s elimination as Miami was favored to win.

Of course, elimination could come as soon as Oct. 30. If the Padres lose to the White Sox, Miami defeats the Pittsburgh Pirates, or the Cubs sweep the Milwaukee Brewers on Oct. 30, San Diego will be eliminated from the postseason. The Padres have announced Nick Martinez as their starter for Game 30, while the White Sox will go with ace Dylan Seager.