Hwang Sun-hong’s gold medal hopes are in good hands with host China.

Hwang Sun-hong’s South Korea Under-24 football team will take on China in the quarterfinals of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at 9 p.m. next month at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in China. Having won gold at the 2014 Incheon and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, South Korean soccer will be looking to win its first three consecutive Asian Games titles.

Hwang Sun-hong is the strongest gold medalist. From the group stage, the team has been a formidable force to be reckoned with. He’s scored 21 goals and conceded just one in four games so far in the quarterfinals. Lee Kang-woo has also been gradually increasing his playing time and integrating into the national team, which raises expectations even more.

China is the opponent Huang Sunhong has been dreading the most. It’s always difficult to play the host nation, regardless of the power. I’m worried that the Chinese home fans will flood the stadium with “chants” and put the pressure on. Furthermore, the Chinese are notorious for compensating for their lack of power with rough play.

These waters have already taken their toll on Huang Sunhong. When the team traveled to Hangzhou in June to acclimate to the city, they played two friendlies against China, winning one and losing one. Even worse than the results were the injuries. Uhm Won-sang, Cho Young-wook, and Ko Young-joon suffered a series of injuries as a result of China’s physical play. In addition, there were many tackles that blatantly targeted Korean players’ ankles.

It’s likely to be a physical affair again. China will be without two key players against South Korea. Wildcard Gao Tenghui will miss the games against India and Qatar due to a suspension. The absence of the wildcard is certainly a boon for Hwang Sun-hong, as the wildcard is a veteran looking to step up his game.

In addition, Zhang Sunrong was sent off for a direct hit while clearing the bench at the end of the round of 16 match against Qatar. Zhang is a key defender for China, so this is a big blow as he will be a vital resource against South Korea.

China is also expected to focus on defense. “China needs to reorganize its defense and midfield,” said Sina Sports. The combination has been disintegrating.” “Against South Korea, which has a strong attacking power, defense should be the first priority. Of course, I’m not optimistic,” acknowledging the power differential.

So the resistance could be considerable. Coach Dejan Durdevic said, “We beat Korea in June, but that’s in the past. They are very strong, but we will work hard on the ground to win.” Fang Hao added: “We didn’t make the quarterfinals in the previous five tournaments, but now we’re in the quarterfinals. There is no pressure anymore. Korea is stronger than us, but this will be the most important match of my life,” he said.

South Korea is equally determined to get past China. After beating Kyrgyzstan in the round of 16, coach Hwang Sun-hong said, “If we can’t overcome the pressure of a large crowd and rough play, we can’t win the gold medal,” adding, “No one can stand in our way. We have three steps left, and we will take them one by one,” he said after the win over Kyrgyzstan. 메이저사이트