Suwon Samseong, which has made its second managerial change of the season, has issued a statement.
“We have decided to dismiss coach Kim and finish the season with acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon,” Suwon Samseong said on the 26th.

Suwon Samseong, which barely survived the promotion playoffs last season, struggled this season as well. They fell into a slump early on and hovered at the bottom of the standings. The team parted ways with head coach Lee Byung-geun and went with Kim, but there was no turnaround.

The team recently lost four straight games and decided to make another managerial change. They are currently 12th out of 12 teams with five wins, seven draws and 19 losses in 31 matches. They are three points behind 11th-place Gangwon FC (25 points). If the team fails to improve its standing, it will be relegated directly to the K League 2 without a promotion playoff.

“We decided that extraordinary measures were inevitable to resolve the desperate crisis and rekindle the spark of hope,” Suwon said in a statement about the change.

“There are no excuses,” said Oh Dong-seok, head coach of Suwon Samsung, adding, “Despite experiencing a nightmare last year, we have not been able to get out of the bottom of the table this season. We are faced with the unfortunate situation of having two coaches leave the team.”

“The club will not shirk responsibility,” he added, “but for now, we are focused on survival. After the season is over, we will face the criticisms and questions from the fans.”

“I would like to apologize and thank the supporters for their loud and vocal support even in the worst of times,” Oh said, “I would like to ask them not to withdraw their support and to gather strength to help the players overcome the crisis until the end.”

Meanwhile, acting coach Yeom, who took over the team in the midst of the crisis, said, “As I have been with Suwon Samsung for a long time and know what needs to be done to improve, I will do my best without giving up until the end to get out of the relegation zone.” “I told the players, ‘You can’t do it alone. Let’s help each other and run with one goal in mind,'” he said. “I will forget about the past and only think about running from today onward,” he said.

I’m sorry. No excuses.

After last year’s nightmare, the club has struggled to climb out of the bottom of the table this season and has had the misfortune of losing two managers. 토토사이트

The club have taken stock of the situation and considered whether they can turn things around over the next seven games, and have come to the conclusion that the manager’s departure is inevitable.

I won’t shy away from taking responsibility for the club, but for now, we’re focused on survival. After the season is over, I will accept the criticisms and criticisms of the fans. I apologize and thank the supporters who cheered louder and louder even in the worst of times.

To the fans who love Suwon Samseong. We ask that you do not withdraw your support and gather strength to help our players overcome the crisis until the end.