The team intends to wait until the end of the suspension. The player plans to leave the team once his suspension is lifted.

“Ivan Tosun, 27, wants to leave the club in the January transfer window, a week after his suspension ends,” said the Mirror, a British media outlet. “Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea are among the clubs keeping tabs on Tosun. Brentford are willing to sell him for a transfer fee of £60 million.”

He’s a habitual gambler. According to the BBC, he has broken betting rules 232 times in his career, which has spanned several teams since his days at Scunthorpe United. Talent was evident. He scored 31 goals for Brentford in the English Championship (second division), leading the team to promotion to the Premier League. Last season, he finished third in Premier League scoring behind Elling Holland (Man City) and Harry Kane (Bayern Munich, then Tottenham).

He is currently out of action. Tony is a striker who scored 20 goals in the English Premier League (PL) in the 2022-23 season. His off-field behavior has become an issue. According to the English Football Association (FA), he received an eight-month suspension for breaching betting rules a total of 232 times between 2017 and 2021. He won’t be able to play again until mid-January next year.

His past offenses have put the brakes on his career for a while. According to Sky Sports, the FA has extended the scope of Tony’s punishment to international soccer. They’ve also made it so that he can’t play on loan. He won’t even be allowed on the Brentford training ground until September.

The suspension was lifted. The team is very happy to have their key striker back. “It’s great to have him back,” said Brentford head coach Thomas Frank. “I’m sure his teammates will be very happy,” said Brentford head coach Thomas Frank, “He’s a good player. He’s an energetic player. He will lift the spirits of Brentford.”

He can’t play yet. Due to his suspension, he won’t be able to play officially until January next year. The manager is working hard to get him back. The plan is for 16 weeks. “His journey and resilience has been incredible. The progress he has made will be an inspiration to many people and to the game of soccer.” Tony was previously suspended for 375 gambling charges.

“The only thing I want to say is what the Premier League and the FA can do to help footballers,” Frank said, adding that he didn’t know the full extent of Tony’s situation. 메이저놀이터

However, it seems unlikely that Tony will return to the Brentford pitch. He wants to move to another team in January when his suspension is lifted. According to the Mirror, “Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham will find out the terms of his contract in the coming months. There will be formal offers. Tony is also ready to leave in January.”

All three clubs are in urgent need of a striker. Tottenham want a replacement for Harry Kane (30, Bayern Munich). Arsenal also wants a reliable goal scorer. Chelsea, after spending a huge amount of money on transfers, is still coming up empty.