Hwang Sun-hong is the team that is cruising the most at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

After defeating Kuwait 9-0 in their first group game on Sept. 19, they followed that up with a 4-0 win over Thailand on Sept. 21.

The back-to-back wins increased their points tally to six, and with the other nations in their group biting the dust, they secured a spot in the round of 16 after two games. With one game remaining, Bahrain has two points and Thailand and Kuwait have one.

What’s more, they haven’t conceded a goal in two games. Fans have been saying, “I can’t wait to see Lee Kwang-yeon in goal after two games.” With 13 goals scored and no goals conceded, their goal differential is a whopping 13, six more than China (+7), which has the second-best goal differential in the tournament.

But coach Hwang Sun-hong used the word “dissatisfied” after the second game.

At the press conference after China’s men’s football Group E match against Thailand at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China on June 21, he criticized their second-half performance.

When asked to summarize the game, Hwang said, “We changed new combinations, new defensive methods according to the opponent. In that regard, the balance was not perfect in the second half, so we need to work on that and prepare for the tournament,” he said.

Playing just two days after the first game, South Korea made a number of changes to their lineup to account for the drop in fitness. Five changes were made to the starting lineup from the first game, including benched Jung Woo-young, who scored a hat trick in the first game, and Cho Young-wook, who scored two goals. Forwards Park Jae-yong and Ahn Jae-joon, midfielder Hong Hyun-seok, and defenders Seol Young-woo and Lee Jae-ik joined the starting lineup.

Hwang’s new starting lineup proved successful. The team scored four goals in the first half alone. Hong Hyun-seok, Ahn Jae-joon, Uhm Won-sang, and defender Lee Jae-ik all found the back of the net. At halftime, it was the same story as Kuwait, who scored four goals in the first half and five in the second.

However, unlike Kuwait, there was no fifth goal. 스포츠토토 With a four-goal lead, Hwang brought in Park Jin-seop, Baek Seung-ho, Ko Young-joon, and Uhm Won-sang to rest, and Jung Woo-young, Kim Tae-hyun, and Cho Young-wook Jung-ho-young. However, in the second half, the team was unable to break through the Kuwaiti defense, and even had a few close calls due to defensive mistakes.