Manchester United have criticized the winger’s behavior.

After an aggressive courtship, United finalized the signing of Jadon Sancho in July 2021. The transfer fee was a whopping £120 million.

Expectations were high for Sancho. However, he kept his head down. He struggled to adapt to Man Utd, and his sub-par performances earned him the dubious distinction of being called a cheat.

Sancho has had a dismal season as well. He has only appeared in three games as a substitute. With only 76 minutes on the clock, he got into an argument with manager Eric ten Hagg and even protested.

Sancho was recently left out of the squad for the game against Arsenal, with Van Gaal explaining, “I watched him in training and decided to leave him out of the game against Arsenal.”

“He has to show the right level for United. The manager has the right to select the players. Sancho was not the final choice,” he said, adding that his performance in training was below expectations.

Sancho was furious and went on a social media rampage, tweeting, “Don’t believe what you’re reading. It’s completely false. I’ve been working hard in training all week,” he wrote.

“I am a scapegoat. I have been treated unfairly for a long time because of this.” 토토사이트

Van Gaal is said to be in a forgiving mood and has held talks with Sancho, but has been unable to resolve their differences.

Even the club’s president and chief executive officer have tried to mend fences, but it hasn’t been easy.

“Jadon Sancho will remain out of the first team until the disciplinary issues are resolved. He will continue to train privately.”

Former United player Gordon Strachan criticized Sancho’s behavior.

“What I would say to the players is, ‘Look after yourself. Look after yourself before anyone else. It’s simple. Look at your performance and evaluate whether it’s good or not,” he said, taking a shot at Sancho.

“If you don’t look at yourself, if you don’t evaluate yourself, you can’t play for United at a high level. “If I were Sancho, I would have apologized to Van Gaal,” he added.

“Of course, we don’t know the full story, but from a third-party perspective, Sancho needs to look at himself and see what he’s doing wrong, rather than feeling like he’s under attack,” he added.