It’s a killer schedule.

National team fullback Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai) has been on a nonstop schedule. He was named to Jürgen Klinsmann’s roster and played full-time in both of the national team’s two September A matches (Wales and Saudi Arabia) before joining Hwang Sun-hong’s Asian Games squad.

It’s a killer schedule. Seol played a K League 1 match against Gwangju FC on the 3rd before heading to Cardiff, England on the 4th. He will play full-time A matches against Wales on the 8th and Saudi Arabia on the 13th, before returning to Korea and being called up to the Asian Games squad on the 14th. That’s a lot of long flights, full-time commitments, and jet lag in just 10 days.

In contrast, Hong Hyun-seok (KAA Henter), who was named to both the A and Asian Games rosters alongside Seol Young-woo, returned home nine days after the Wales game and joined the Asian Games team in Changwon in advance.

This was not the explanation given by 온라인카지노 Klinsmann immediately after the A-match roster was announced. “After the Wales game, if there are no special circumstances such as injuries, conditions, or performances of other players, we plan to cooperate with both players (Hong Hyun-seok and Seol Young-woo) to join the Asian Games team as much as possible,” Klinsmann said, but even though there were no special circumstances for other players, he held on to Seol Young-woo until the end.

After playing against Wales and then Saudi Arabia, Seol showed signs of fatigue. He’s been the national team’s right fullback since making his A-match debut against El Salvador in June, but he’s had a tough schedule this season, playing 29 games, including league and FA Cup, for both the national team and his club.

Seol joined the Asian Games team as a wild card. He had no time to recover and had to get back into the swing of things. Two days later, he traveled to Hangzhou, China, for the final match on the 16th. The burden of physical exertion and the accumulation of fatigue is entirely on her shoulders.

The Asian Games team will play Kuwait on Aug. 19, followed by Thailand on Aug. 21 and Bahrain on Aug. 24. With such a tight schedule, Seol’s fatigue is a cause for concern for Hwang.