If you want to buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey, you can’t.

On July 27 (KST), jersey specialist Footyheadlines reported that Al Nasr’s 2023/24 jerseys are not available for purchase.

According to Footyheadlines, it has been almost two months since Nike became the official jersey manufacturer of Al Nasr, but Al Nasr fans are still unable to get their hands on the new jerseys.

The reason was simple. Al Nasr isn’t selling the jerseys. Al Nasr is still selling last season’s jerseys on its official website. 바카라

As Footyheadlines explains, “Despite having players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane in their squad, Al Nasr is not yet a Nike Premium team. They don’t get any special treatment. Their uniforms are based on Nike’s standard uniforms.

He continued, “It’s unclear when the jerseys will be available for purchase. They (Al Nasr) are not used to dealing with high demand. It could take a few more weeks or even months.

So what does Nike think and do about Al Nasr? ‘Nike may give them a better deal from the 2024/25 season, but for now the club is being treated similarly to smaller European clubs like the Young Boys, Sunderland and Zurich,’ the source said.