Hyundai Capital will hold the ‘Hyundai Capital Skywalkers Volleyball Team 2023 Fan Fest’ on the 19th and 20th in Cheonan.

On the first day of the fan fest on the 19th, a cafe in Cheonan will be rented and a daily cafe prepared by the players will be held. Playing coach Yeo Oh-hyun will serve coffee, while Lee Hyun-seung and Hong Dong-sun will be in charge of washing dishes. Moon Sung-min and Lee Si-woo will be in charge of serving, giving the Skywalkers Fan Café a different look from the stadium.

The Hyundai Capital Skywalkers Daily Fan Café will be held for 140 volleyball fans who applied to participate through the club’s SNS.

Kim Sun-ho and Lee Jun-seung will be the daily photographers, taking self-cams and on-site sketches with fans. In addition to the daily cafe, they will also be holding a one-day kelligraphy class with the players, and the barista aprons worn by the players will be auctioned off. There will also be a Q&A session for fans to ask the players any questions they may have had.
All profits from the daily cafe will be donated to Cheonan, the team’s hometown.

On the second day of the fan fest on the 20th, glamping with the players will be organized for members of the club’s supporters’ group, Giles.

One hundred members of Giles, who are active across the country, will participate in various recreational activities such as thigh wrestling and water gun fights with Hyundai Capital players, as well as a barbecue with the players. 바카라

Every year since 2005, Hyundai Capital has organized events for fans and players to make fun summer memories together.

At the Castle of Skywalkers, the team’s complex base camp, fans can enjoy underwater volleyball, utesliding, camping events, and volleyball classes with the players, creating unforgettable memories with the Skywalkers even in the heat of summer.

A representative from Hyundai Capital said, “As this is the largest gathering of players and fans every summer, we will prepare for a fun time so that fans can make special memories.”