Despite playing the victim, there is no problem between them.
In the offseason, KCC’s Heo Woong met his best friend Choi Jun-yong as a teammate. When Choi became a free agent, he chose KCC in search of a championship, and the two former Yonsei teammates are once again on a quest to win a championship. After turning pro, they headed to different teams, but they’ve already played for the Korean National Basketball Team several times, so they don’t have to worry about chemistry. If they are worried, it’s only about their differences.

When we met at the Yongin practice gym on the 17th, Heo said of Choi, “We’ve played together a lot in the national team, so it’s not new for us to get along, and I feel like he’s one of the teammates I’ve always been with. He’s changed a lot of things in his personal life and in the team atmosphere. Starting from playing music so loudly before matches and training, he has changed a lot of things,” he praised.

Heo and Choi are often seen annoying each other on social media. Choi Junyong often posts pictures of Heo Woong singing to himself, while Heo Woong begs Choi Junyong to go home.

In response, Heo Woong says, “Jun Yong’s room is next to mine. He’s been here for two months and he still doesn’t go to his room. He hasn’t put any furniture in his room. He lives with me. He wants to stay with me until the end of the season. It’s hard,” she said, listing off her cute grievances.

At first, Heo Woong said that Choi Jun Yong was bullying him. But what about Choi Jun Yong’s opinion? Choi Junyong insisted that he was being bullied. “Don’t ask me, ask the players here. They’ll all say I’m being bullied. I’m really confident,” Choi said with a bitter look on his face.

When asked about his refusal to leave Heo Woong’s dormitory, Choi Jun Yong laughed and said, “We’re sharing a dormitory, so we’re getting along well together.” 스포츠토토

In conclusion, we don’t know who is being bullied, but we can see that they have a very difficult relationship with each other. We look forward to seeing how their synergy will manifest itself on the court in the new season.