In response to a post on social media prior to the game on May 5 regarding a crime warning at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, safety personnel including riot police, commandos, local police, detectives, and commandos from the Daegu Metropolitan Police Department and the Daegu Soosung Police Department, who responded to the report, have been deployed to the stadium and its surroundings to strengthen safety management for spectators.

In response to the recent spate of heinous crimes against unspecified people, which have led to growing social unrest, the KBO sent a letter to each team yesterday (April 4) requesting thorough preparation against crime and strengthening of overall stadium safety management, including enhanced security checks when fans enter the stadium, deployment of additional safety personnel, and increased cooperation with related organizations such as police and fire departments.

In response, before the game on the 5th, each team strengthened measures for spectator safety, including the deployment of additional security personnel. The Daegu Stadium, where there was a report, also strengthened measures to ensure the safety of spectators, including the deployment of additional police personnel 먹튀검증 from the Suseong Police Station, the jurisdictional police station, in addition to the Samsung Lions’ own security personnel, and the game started as scheduled, as nothing unusual related to the crime was found. Thanks to the cooperation between the Samsung Lions and the police, the game ended without incident, and the fans were safely escorted home by security personnel.

The KBO and the teams will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of fans at games scheduled for tomorrow and beyond, including enhanced security checks using metal detectors at stadium entrances, additional safety personnel, and increased cooperation with relevant organizations.